Dor-Alon and Cellenium Agree to Rollout Cell-F Cellular Fueling System 


The first nationwide rollout of an m-Commerce refueling system improves convenience and economy for customers.

Tel Aviv, Israel, March 23, 2000: Today, Dor-Alon and Cellenium announced their agreement to rollout Cellenium’s m-Commerce fueling system, CELL-F, nationwide. This follows a successful two months trial period at the "Bnei-Dror" service station and will mark the first nationwide rollout of an m-Commerce Gasoline Fueling System anywhere in the world.

CELL – F (pronounced ‘self’) enables cellular subscribers belonging to any cellular network to utilize their cellular phones to activate fuel dispensers and to pay for fuel and other services at gas stations. The entire process for activating the dispenser and making payment takes less than 10 seconds and makes refueling a more pleasant experience for consumers, and more efficient and profitable for station operators.

The system dramatically improves the convenience and economy of refueling by reducing the time required to activate the dispensers and by offering customers new personalized offers and messages on their handsets. Such electronic ‘coupons’ will eliminate the need for collecting paper stamps, coupons or other receipts and will enable instant redemption of benefits.

Cellenium integrates proprietary messaging technologies into the system enabling the ‘Cell – F’ service to be both network and handset independent. The service will be available to the owners of any cellular handset, without requiring any changes to the handsets. The system incorporates several layers of security to prevent fraud and insure accuracy and reliability of billing and collection.

‘Cell – F’ is one of several m-Commerce applications that are being developed and field tested at this time. Among Cellenium’s suite of applications currently being tested in different countries worldwide and soon to be rolled out, are ‘Cell-U-Park’ (for off-street & on-street parking), and ‘Cell-U-Vend’ (for vending purchases). Other applications will be announced in the near future. In essence, Cellenium enables existing handsets to be utilized as electronic wallets.

Cellenium, a subsidiary of Contop (developers of wireless data communication systems and technologies), focuses on providing m-Commerce solutions worldwide. Daniel Alon, VP of Business Development at Contop says, “The global prospects of ‘Cell–F’ are enormous, and we are pleased to have Dor-Alon as partners in our first national rollout.”

About Dor-Alon
Dor – Alon, one of Israel’s largest oil and gas service station companies, is continuously demonstrating its role as an industry leader in offering value-added services to its customers. The company intends to implement additional Cellenium M-commerce applications at their stations including vending, car washes and others.

About Cellenium
Cellenium, founded in 1999, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Contop Ltd, with headquarters in Shefayim, Israel. Cellenium develops, implements and operates value-added service platforms and vertical applications for mobile e-commerce, also known as M-commerce. These M-commerce solutions are marketed to content providers, network operators and other service providers worldwide. Cellenium also operates these services on behalf of or in partnership with such customers. The platforms and applications are based on Contop’s proprietary messaging technologies as well as the integration of existing data communication protocols and bearers, including wireless Internet protocols over SMS, CDPD and GPRS channels.

Contop is an affiliate of Elbit Ltd. (NASDAQ-ELBTF), one of Israel’s premier high-tech companies in the telecom arena, and figures prominently in Elbit’s E-business activities.