Cellenium launches the first cellular fueling service worldwide, in Israel 

The mobile commerce system was developed exclusively by Cellenium 

Shefayim, Israel (August 15th, 2001) Cellenium, Cellcom and Dor-Alon energy have launched a new M-Commerce service - Cellular fueling. This unique service made possible as the result of a cooperative venture between the three companies. The service has been deployed exclusively at Dor-Alon gas stations nationwide, and will be available initially to Cellcom customers.

Cellenium is a pioneer in mobile commerce technologies and solutions, and this innovative technology, which was developed for the past two years, is the world's first fully operational cellular re-fueling system. The cellular fueling service lets motorists quickly and securely use their mobile phones in order to activate fuel dispensers. The transaction is charged directly to the customer’s credit card, making payment through Cellenium safe, quick, and accurate.

Cellcom is the leading cellular operator in Israel, with 2.2 million subscribers, and is the first cellular operator to offer Mobile Commerce services in Israel. This service allows Cellcom customers to re-fuel using their handsets, without the need for cash or credit cards.

Dor-Alon is the fourth largest oil company in Israel. Cellenium and Alon USA (an affiliate of Dor-Alon energy) intend to deploy the cellular fueling system in 1,700 Alon USA gas stations across the US.

Recently, Cellenium and Cellcom launched Israel’s first cellular vending service, allowing Cellcom customers to purchase soft drinks from automated vending machines via their cellular phones. Cellenium’s mobile commerce applications provide Cellcom’s customers with a special value added service.

In the future, cellular fueling customers will be able to join a Cellenium mobile loyalty program. Each time a customer uses his cell phone with Cellenium, mobile coupons will simply be sent to the customers’ cell phone as an SMS message. These points will be redeemable for additional gas station services, (car wash, C-Store, fast food), and also towards Cellenium’s other mobile applications.

Israel’s minister of Communications, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, declared that he welcomes the launch of this promising new service, which proves that Israeli companies are indeed at the forefront of technological developments in the world. Mr. Rivlin had the honor of being the first to use Cellenium’s cellular fueling service, at a special ceremony, which took place at the “Alon” gas station located in the Tel-Aviv Hilton.

According to Shaul Shalev, Cellenium’s CEO, Cellenium intends to launch a variety of additional mobile commerce services in the near future, including cellular parking, (on and off street), ticketing, fast food, taxi services and more. Mr. Shalev added that Cellenium’s M-Commerce platform is a part of a complete M-Commerce Solution that Cellenium will propose in Israel as well as in North America, Europe and the Far East.