National Petrolium News - December 2001 Technology Update  

Cellenium Strikes Deal with Alon USA  

In October, New York-based mobile commerce provider Cellenium Inc. announced an agreement with Alon USA, Dallas, the operator of 1,700 Fina stations and 174 7-Eleven stores in the United States, to license and deploy Cellenium's m-commerce service-station systems in Fina's stations.

The implementation of Cellenium's "Cell-F" system in Fina stations will enable Fina customers to use their cellular handsets to activate fuel dispensers, enabling payment for fuel as well as other goods and services at the stations.

With the Cell-F service, consumers simply key-in a code and a PIN code for activation and payment of station goods and services. The transaction is charged directly to the customer's credit, debit or fuel-card account. The system also enables targeting of customers with personalized promotions and benefits to their handsets. Such electronic "coupons" will eliminate the need for collecting stamps, vouchers or other paper receipts by enabling motorists to receive and instantly redeem benefits electronically.

"Cell-F is expected to change the way motorists purchase gas at stations, resulting in a more efficient and enjoyable experience," said Dr. Shaul Shaley, Cellenium's CEO. "We are excited that Alon USA has selected Cell-F in its quest to become a leading fuel retailer in the Southern U.S. region."

"We believe Cell-F will increase throughput and revenues by attracting new customers to a convenient and friendly mode of payment and by cultivating customer loyalty, while simultaneously lowering costs," said Jeff Morris, president and CEO of Alon. "We are proud to be the pioneer oil company in the U.S. to introduce new technologies in the field of fueling."