Cellenium Offers Municipal Parking Authorities, Private Garage and Lot Owners Easy-to-Use, Mobile Payment Solution Using Regular Cell Phones 

Motorists No Longer Need to Struggle to Find Coins or Fight for Parking Spaces 

Englewood Cliffs, N.J., April 22, 2002 – Municipal parking authorities and private parking lot and garage owners can now offer motorists a simple, cashless method of paying for their parking privileges using their cell phones.

The mobile commerce technology, created by Cellenium, Inc., allows motorists to key-in a simple code on their cell phone to begin and end their parking session at facilities using the New Jersey-based company’s system. It also allows drivers to reserve a parking space in a garage. The innovative approach could mean the end of the frantic search for coins to pay parking meters and of the fight for precious parking spaces.

The Cellenium system manages on-street parking as well as gate access and garage parking, eliminating the need for meters, pay stations or any other parking payment infrastructure. Parking operators can monitor payments and issue tickets using wireless handheld terminals, which provide online data on parked vehicles. The technology allows parking garage operators to optimize their operations and maximize revenues while monitoring traffic congestion and occupancy. Motorists can also receive loyalty points and electronic coupons redeemable at the parking facilities or other nearby retail establishments enabled for m-commerce. Cellenium’s cellular parking solution can be quickly deployed to parking authorities as well as private garage and lot owners within a few months.

Recently, through an agreement between a leading infrastructure supplier, a municipality and a cellular operator, a cashless-parking service has been rolled out in the United Kingdom using Cellenium's technology. The service allows motorists to use existing cell phones to pay for municipal parking independent of pay stations or parking meters. Cellenium is also deploying its cellular parking solution as part of the 'Park Club', a joint venture between Cellenium and a leading credit card company in Israel, in which motorists will be able to use their cell phones to reserve and pay for parking at participating lots throughout the country.

In addition to reservations and payments, Cellenium also integrates wireless loyalty and promotion solutions such as personalized rewards and redemption programs, marketing promotions and cross-selling opportunities. Motorists can redeem benefits with other merchants including gas stations and vending machines. Currently, Cellenium has deployed m-commerce solutions servicing the fuel, vending (food and video rental machines), fast food and entertainment industries. All solutions are combined to enable cross-promotion benefits for the participating merchants.

“Cellenium is working with companies all over the world to create the first practical consumer m-wallet as a convenient alternative to the need to carry cash, checks or credit cards,” said Shaul Shalev, chief executive officer, Cellenium, Inc. “We hope to make the aggravating delays experienced by consumers parking their cars a thing of the past and bring higher value and better service to motorists by switching their purchasing habits from conventional means of payment to m-commerce, using their existing phones.”