Leumi Card and Cellenium Launch ‘ParkClub’ – Cellular Parking Service 

The New Era of Mobile Commerce in Israel 

May 28th, 2002, Ramat Gan, Israel
The Leumi Card company, one of the largest credit card companies in Israel and part of the Leumi Group, and Cellenium, an affiliate of Elbit-Elron, informed reporters today of the establishment of a new venture that will offer mobile commerce services to Leumi Card customers.

The first project that is being launched is the mobile parker’s club, ‘ParkClub’, an automatic parking service that allows access and payment for parking, using cellular phones. The service is being offered exclusively to Leumi Card customers.

Leumi Card will be doing the clearing of the parking payment transactions and will propose a range of benefits to customers that will join the service.

ParkClub will provide Leumi Card customers with access to the parking lot (including automatic opening of the gate), payment for the parking and reservation of parking spaces in advance, at the parking lots supporting the service. The service is accessed simply by dialing a number and pressing ‘send’. The transactions will be billed to the customer’s credit card, and the customer will receive detailed information of the parking services used.

On entering and exiting the parking lot the customer will dial a short number. By dialing the number the customer will be recognized by the system, the parking gate will open and an order to bill the customer will be forwarded to the customer’s credit card. The customer will immediately receive by SMS an electronic receipt to his cell phone with the details of the transaction, and an electronic ‘m-coupon’ to be redeemed when the customer executes return purchases. Furthermore, customers will be able to observe the cellular purchases that they have placed and thus follow the transactions made, on the service’s website.

Cellenium, leader in the development of m-commerce services, also provides mobile commerce services for other industries including vending, fuelling, ticketing and fast food. Cellenium has also recently won a tender for municipal parking services in the UK, in partnership with Vodafone and Ericsson.

Cellular parking is materializing at present as one of the applications with the highest potential among the m-commerce applications provided worldwide. A number of countries including Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Holland, Ireland and Finland have already deployed cellular parking services in 27 major cities. A report from the European Parking Organization states that the rate of the use of the service in these countries is rising continually, and that within five years the revenue from cellular parking will reach 30% of all parking income.

Mr. Bezalel Livneh, Vice-Chairman of Leumi Card, says that the union of Leumi Card, a leading credit card company, with Cellenium’s state-of-the-art technology, presents significant added value to Leumi Card customers. “The involvement of credit card customers in a project like this is an important step for mobile commerce in Israel. We hope that following the success of this project we will be able to offer our customers other mobile commerce services”, said Livneh.

Livneh believes that the ParkClub service will make life easier for customers, that it will reduce the operational expenses of the parking lots and will allow the parking lots to develop premium services for customers, such as advance reservation of parking spaces. “ParkClub makes parking easier and solves the widespread problem of not having the correct small change.”

Cellenium’s CEO, Dr. Shaul Shalev, says that the synergy between Leumi Card and Cellenium allows the joint venture to offer the customer genuine added value that will contribute to the successful penetration of m-commerce into the main business arena in Israel. “The option to use the cell phone as a means of accessing a parking lot, and charge your credit card, adds another dimension to the aptitude of the cell phone”, said Shalev.

About Leumi Card
The Leumi Card company, part of the Leumi Group, issues Visa and Mastercard credit cards and offers clearing services to businesses. The company holds over 50% of the turnover of Visa cards, and over 40% of the clearance market of Visa Israel. Leumi Card has issued 900,000 credit cards.

About Cellenium:
Cellenium, with offices in New Jersey, California, UK, Israel and Singapore develops implements and operates m-Commerce platforms and applications globally.
M-Commerce services provided by Cellenium include, for example, refueling (and other service station services), vending (launched with leading bottlers), parking (for private lots and municipalities), taxi services, fast food, and ticketing. These solutions are marketed to and being deployed by, merchants, cellular operators, financial institutes and other service providers worldwide. The platforms and applications are based on Cellenium's messaging technologies as well as the integration of other advanced communication and payment technologies.
Cellenium is an affiliate of Elbit-Elron (NASDAQ - ELRN), one of Israel's premier high-tech groups in Israel.

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