Cellenium Launches Bluetooth M-Commerce Application Based On Texas Instruments Bluetooth Technology  

Consumers Can Customize and Pre-set Purchasing Preferences and Pay by Cell Phone Based On Texas Instruments Bluetooth Technology  

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS and ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., June 12, 2002 – Cellenium, a provider of m-commerce solutions, launched a Bluetooth™-enabled m-commerce system today at the Bluetooth Congress in Amsterdam. The system, an intelligent wireless vending system, uses a Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN) solution to drive the digital baseband and radio frequency Bluetooth functions.

The intelligent wireless vending system – which enables vending machine operators to monitor stocked goods and machine performance for each location, thereby improving efficiency dramatically – is the first tangible result of the Cellenium-Texas Instruments collaboration and is being demonstrated here at the Bluetooth Congress in Texas Instruments’ booth #313.

The intelligent wireless vending system enables consumers to use existing cell phones, including Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, to conveniently and securely pay for vending machine goods – including soft drinks, snacks, videos and newspapers. At the Texas Instruments’ booth, visitors will either send a V-card (an electronic address that identifies the individual consumer) via Bluetooth or simply dial a number using the regular cellular network to receive a soft drink from the vending machine.

“Bluetooth will be an important cornerstone in Cellenium’s m-commerce system architecture, enabling consumers to interact swiftly with point-of sale devices for the purposes of both payments or redemption of accumulated benefits,” said Dr. Shaul Shalev, chief executive officer, Cellenium. “The future of m-commerce is personalization and customization. By partnering with Texas Instruments, Cellenium can offer vending machine operators a distinct customer service advantage through personalized value-added services.”

The Cellenium vending machine uses TI’s BSN6050 ROM-based point to multipoint Bluetooth baseband processor and the TRF6001 RF transceiver for its Bluetooth functionality.

“Bluetooth offers many interesting possibilities for proximity-based mobile commerce,” said Bryce Johnstone, Worldwide Marketing Manager, Short Distance Wireless, Texas Instruments. “With Cellenium’s Bluetooth-enabled vending machine, users don’t need to carry around a separate device for transactions, they can just use their regular cell phone. We are moving one step closer to being able to do everything with just one device.”

In addition to offering a convenient, easy to use method of mobile payment, Cellenium also integrates wireless loyalty and promotion solutions such as personalized rewards and redemption programs, marketing promotions and cross-selling opportunities. Consumers can redeem benefits from other merchants including gas stations, taxi services and fast food restaurants. Currently, Cellenium has deployed m-commerce solutions servicing the fuel, fast food, entertainment and vending machine industries. All solutions are combined to enable cross-promotion benefits for the participating merchants.

For more information about Cellenium or its m-commerce applications, visit the company’s Web site , www.cellenium.com.

About Cellenium
Cellenium, with offices in New Jersey, California, UK, Israel and Singapore develops implements and operates m-Commerce platforms and applications globally.
M-Commerce services provided by Cellenium include, for example, refueling (and other service station services), vending (launched with leading bottlers), parking (for private lots and municipalities), taxi services, fast food, and ticketing. These solutions are marketed to and being deployed by, merchants, cellular operators, financial institutes and other service providers worldwide. The platforms and applications are based on Cellenium's messaging technologies as well as the integration of other advanced communication and payment technologies.
Cellenium is an affiliate of Elbit-Elron (NASDAQ - ELRN), one of Israel’s premier high-tech groups.
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