Cellenium is a pioneer in mobile commerce technologies and solutions. The company's wide range of innovative market-ready M-Commerce services has placed it at the forefront of this exciting industry.

The success of Cellenium is due to its dedication to an important yet simple concept. Rather than wait for the development and implementation of new mobile technologies, Cellenium has created M-Commerce solutions that can be delivered to all mobile device users now. Cellenium's solutions, which are based on the company's proprietary messaging technology CMT, do not require handset modifications and they can operate in any mobile network. Moreover, Cellenium's flexible products incorporate the most advanced emerging mobile technologies as they become commercially available and widely deployed.

This winning strategy has led Cellenium to develop a range of products and services that address today's market needs, setting the standard for M-Commerce. Cellenium's solutions cover the entire range of M-Commerce requirements, from the back-end platform, which enables service providers to host M-Commerce services, to comprehensive vertical market solutions, which allow content providers (merchants) to offer valuable mobile services and accept M-Payments. Many of these market-ready solutions are operational, and others will be deployed in the near future.

In order to ensure effective and broad implementation of M-Commerce services for subscribers and content providers (merchants), Cellenium is establishing M-commerce Service Providers (MSPs) with strategic partners worldwide.