1. Technologies & Know-How

Due to the complexity of M-Commerce solutions, Cellenium relies on its technological expertise to integrate the best of various technologies in order to achieve optimal back-end and vertical solutions. In addition, the companyís system integration experience enables optimally interfacing with third parties such as cellular operators, financial institutions, and content providers.

Among the best of breed technologies, Cellenium relies on CMT Ė Celleniumís proprietary messaging technology. CMT is one of the driving forces putting Cellenium on the leading edge. By utilizing existing networks in the most efficient manner, CMT brings the following benefits to Celleniumís applications:

Low costs: CMT has been shown to be the most efficient and cost effective mode of messaging when compared to other messaging technologies such as SMS, circuit-switched, or packet-switched data.
Speed and consistency: CMT is a point-to-point messaging technology that is independent of intermediates eliminating any delays.
Cross-Platform: CMT messages can be sent and received across and between all existing and future wireless network platforms, including AMPS/NAMPS, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, 3G, and others. Moreover, CMT paves the way for integration to future technologies and standards, ensuring optimal M-Commerce solutions today and tomorrow.

M-Commerce Platform
The main modules in Celleniumís end-to-end M-Commerce platform include:

Communication Gateway - Incorporating multiple modes of messaging and communications including Celleniumís proprietary technology (ĎCMTí) for streamlining data communications over cellular and other public networks.
Subscriber & Merchant Modules - Subscription and content provider (merchant) management and customer care, including data mining and personalized interactive target marketing.
Transaction, Billing & Payment Modules - Secure and flexible transaction, payment, billing and settlement management.
Content Module - Efficient retrieval, management, and transmission of Internet and other data.
Security Module - End-to-end security

Celleniumís M-Commerce platform operates on any cellular network and incorporates current and emerging network and handset technologies, thus maintaining the leading edge and providing optimal solutions.