Cellenium is currently establishing M-Commerce Service Providers (MSPs) with strategic partners worldwide. MSPs are one-stop shops that offer M-Commerce services to the entire population of cellular subscribers and content providers (merchants) in a defined region. The services supported by Cellenium's MSPs include:

Secure ordering and payment for goods and services via one's mobile phone, regardless of the type of handset used by the consumer or the cellular network used.
Transaction processing, including on-line authorization and point-of-sale activation.
Billing, clearing and settlement management between consumers, financial institutes, and content providers, via various modes of clearing and billing.
Automated reservation, order and dispatch management.
Customer service and relationship management.
Personalized target marketing using data mining and location-based capabilities.
Wireless Internet access.

The types of strategic partners Cellenium is working with to set-up MSPs include:

Financial Institutes.
Premium Content Providers / Merchants.
Other Service Providers (ISPs, ASPs & others).
Cellular Network Operators.
Telecom Companies (e.g. Infrastructure Suppliers, Handset Manufacturers, and Integrators).

Cellenium's MSPs enable merchants to offer M-Commerce services and accept M-Payments from consumers, by integrating merchants to the MSPs' open M-Commerce platform. Through the MSPs, merchants have access to a wide variety of value-added cellular-based services, such as personalized target marketing and other on-line marketing opportunities, to a wide consumer base.