4. Service Station Operator Benefits

Cell-F Control
Cell-F represents a major breakthrough in the service station industry, providing service station operators with a powerful tool for payment and subscriber management.

Available Today - To all cellular subscribers on any network for both Full- and Self-Service.
Increased Consumer Base - Increase cardholder and loyal consumer base to the entire cellular subscriber base in your region.

On-line Loyalty Programs - Two-way, on-line, personalized interactivity with motorists provides a unique opportunity to promote other goods and services through special offers.

Easy Set-up - Installation by Cellenium's technical team is fast and simple, never impeding on normal station operations.

Open Interface - Cell-F supports all current and proposed cellular networks, including TDMA, CDMA, GSM, AMPS/NAMPS and 3G.

Secure - End-to-end security measures such as encryption, digital signatures, authentication, and non-repudiation reduce fraud at stations.

Fleet Management Support - Time and location information, selective and specific authorizations, and an extensive database of fuel and maintenance information facilitate vehicle and driver supervision.

High Return on Investment - Despite a relatively small initial investment and low operating expenses, Cell-F delivers a marked increase in revenue and quality of service, while reducing long-term costs.