2. Taxi Operator Benefits

The cashless Cell-U-Ride system offers taxi fleet operators a range of important benefits.

Higher Throughput - The convenience of being able to simply order a cab by the click of a code from any location will significantly increase subscriber base and consumer loyalty.

Differentiation - Taxi companies clearly distinguish themselves with improved convenience and innovative image.

Direct and Interactive Relationship with Consumers - Two-way online interactivity with consumers provides a unique opportunity for special promotions, incentives and instant redemption of benefits (loyalty points).

Secure - End-to-end security measures such as digital signatures, user authentication, and non-repudiation.

Accountability - The system tracks driver, passenger, and trip information.

Easy Set-up - Installation is fast and simple.

Open Interface - Supports all current and proposed mobile phones and networks, including TDMA, CDMA, GSM, AMPS/NAMPS and 3G.

High ROI - Despite a relatively small initial investment and low operating expenses, Cell-U-Ride increases revenues and improves grade of service, while reducing transaction costs.