2. Parking Operator Benefits

Efficient Parking Operations

Cell-U-Park gives private or municipal parking operators a powerful new tool for increasing revenues by improving grade of service, optimizing occupancy, and reducing cash handling.

All Handsets & All Networks - Cell-U-Park supports all current and proposed mobile phones and networks, including TDMA, CDMA, GSM, AMPS/NAMPS and 3G.

On-Street & Off-Street - Cell-U-Park is available to local municipalities as well as private lot operators, whether for controlling access, or enforcing parking regulations.

Convenience - Increased Revenues - Municipalities will see higher compliance and private parking operators will have a competitive edge.

On-Line Enforcement - Online HHTs (hand held terminals) validate and regulate parking within seconds.

On-Line Management - On-line monitoring and control features optimize space management and increase occupancy.

Immediate Set-Up - Installation is fast and simple.

Secure - The system incorporates advanced security measures.

High ROI - A small initial investment and low operating costs yield a significant increase in revenue and efficiency.