Cellerate Technology Comes To The Hub City 

CBS 13, Lubbock, TX  

Got a cell phone? If so, you've got the power to buy in the palm of your hand. Immediate purchase rewards, cashless payments, no waiting in line, personalized offers, are totally secure.

"You can personalize what payment means you want," says Alex Cooper, Vice-President of Cellerate Marketing. "All that information is stored not on the phone, but on a secure database."

Cooper is convinced this new technology is of necessary convenience. "With the phone, you'll be able to click a few buttons, order your food in advance, walk into the store, not wait in line, not have to pay and just pick up your bag with your name on it."

Here's how it works. Your cell phone allows you to perform a variety of transactions that can reach a multiplicity of merchants. At 7-11, Cooper pulls up to the pump and dials the cellerate activated number. "Once the PIN is dialed, all I have to do is tell what pump I'm standing at," explains Cooper. "It's already authorized to pump. You don't have to wait, no credit cards. Just select the gas."

When you're finished at the pump, Cellerate issues a confirmation on your phone and whether or not you're entitled to a promotion. "They'll get promotions and loyalty for buying gas and be able to go into the store and redeem instant electronic coupons for particular items," says Cooper.

So in this age of endless technology and accelorated buying, Cellerate has chosen Lubbock as it's launching pad. "I think national attention will be brought to Lubbock because of this service. It is the first type of mobile service of its kind in the US," says Cooper.

Consumer Alert raised the question of just how safe it is use cell-phones at the pump, especially with static fire concerns. Cellerate representatives tell CBS 13 as long as you stay in your car while using the phone, you're safe.

We also asked what if your phone is stolen or lost? Just contact your cellular provider and cancel your account.

For more information on Cellerate technology, visit their website at www.cellerate.net , or call them in Dallas at (972) 348-5118